Ballot for the Indian Young Professionals Scheme opens

Finally, after over two years of being announced, Indian nations aged 18-30 can now enter the ballot this month for the Indian Young Professionals Scheme visa.

As part of the trade deal between India and Britain, Indian nationals will have 3,000 places on the scheme each year. The ballot starts on 28 February and there are 2,400 visas available in this month’s 48-hour ballot. There will be a 48-hour window for Indian applicants to enter the ballot from 2.30 pm Indians Standard Time on 27 February to 2.30 pm Indian Standard Time on 2 March. There will be an additional ballot later in the year and two more ballots the year after that.


When can I re-apply if I am unsuccessful in the February ballot?

If still eligible those unsuccessful in the February ballot can re-apply for future ballots. The next ballot is expected to be held in late July. Further details will be announced closer to the time.

What happens if your ballot entry is successful to the Young Professionals Scheme?

Those that enter the ballot will find out within two weeks if they have been successful. They will then need to apply within the deadline they are given on the application form and prove their identity.

Decisions are expected to be made within three weeks, though they could take longer. Once issued with a visa, Indian Young Professionals must travel to the UK within six months.


The ballot will be free, and those chosen at random will then need to pay the application fee for an Indian Young Professional scheme of £259. A further £940 will need to be paid to cover the Immigration Health Charge which covers healthcare by the UK’s NHS.

What does the Indian Young Professionals Scheme visa allow?

Those who are granted the visa can come to the UK for up to two years. The visa allows work in most jobs or the opportunity to study. Those on the visa may also be self-employed or set up a company (as long as premises are rented, equipment is not worth more than £5,000 and there are no employees).

This visa cannot be extended, those on the visa cannot apply for public funds or add any family members to their application. You may be able to switch into a different visa route such as Skilled Worker.

If you would like any further information or assistance with apply please contact Manis Law.

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