New changes to the way you update your Sponsor Licence details have been announced by the Home Office

From 23 March 2023 requests to update details of your Authorising Officer, Key Contact and Level 1 will be fulfilled immediately provided that the following criteria is met:

– your licence is fully active
– you are an A rated sponsor
– the postcode of the address stated for the new Authorising Officer, Key Contact or Level 1 User matches either the postcode of your main organisation address or that of your head office address – or, for Key Contacts and Level 1 Users, the postcode of a legal representative organisation that you have told the Home Office is acting on your behalf.

The Home Office will still conduct necessary checks on the immediately fulfilled requests and if concerns are raised then the Home Office will contact you so that you can nominate another person.

What if the above criteria is not met?

The Home Office will still deal with the request but in the usual way prior to this change,. These requests will take longer to process.

Automatic renewal of CoS

The Home Office has also announced from 23 March 2023 if you are an A rated sponsor licensed in certain eligible routes and your annual allocation status is ‘active’ your annual allocation of CoS will be renewed if it is due to expire more than 3 months from the date of these changes taking effect (23/03/2023). Once the allocation is automated it will mean that the request that you submitted in the current allocation year will be automatically granted for the next allocation year without you having to take any action.

If you find that you need more CoS in addition to those automatically allocated to you then you can increase the allocation by submitting a request on SMS.

Which routes are eligible for automatic renewal of CoS?

– Skilled Worker (undefined only)
– GBM- Senior or Specialist Worker
– GBM- Graduate Trainee
– GBM- Service Supplier
– GBM- Secondment Worker
– Minister of Religion
– International Sportsperson
– Charity Worker
– Creative Worker
– Government Authorised Exchange
– International Agreement
– Religious Worker
– Scale Up

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